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State-of-art online trading platform of biomass.

About The Company


Who is TRADERSbiomass?

As the leading global “Market Maker” of biomass, we provide state-of-art online and offline trading platform of biomass products such as Wood Pellets, Wood Chips, PKS & BioCoal to clients who are seeking more transparent trading, better liquidity and more deal opportunities.

We provide highly value added services such as Merger & Acquisition and Fund Management service to meet clients’ needs of acquiring or divesting shares or assets of biomass related assets through our unique Merger & Acquisition and Biomass Power Fund service.

TRADERSbiomass is a Biomass Exchange service under the firm name Traders Partners Inc.

How can we contribute to biomass industry?

We provide captive tools to develop more transparent, efficient and liquid biomass market through our online trading platform and our standard trading contract, SBTA, along with our unique deal origination service area for Merger & Acquisition and Fund Management .

Our unique platform is underpinned by our experienced team members who have diverse knowledge and knowhow and global network, which contribute to further development of biomass industry.


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