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State-of-art online trading platform of biomass.

Bespoke Biomass Brokerage

In parallel to our online trading platform, we offer a fully bespoke biomass brokerage service for standard and non-standard biomass products such as Wood Pellet, Wood Chips, PKS & BioCoal to buyers, sellers and traders of biomass worldwide.

Leveraging our in-depth physical biomass market expertise and global network of buyers and sellers, we can help you to place or source any biomass products regardless of spec, volume or delivery requirements.

Using SBTA (Standard Biomass Trading Agreement) terms as the basis of all our bids and offers, we match buyers and sellers on a global basis.

TRADESRSbiomass advantages :

  • The first and sole global biomass trading platform provider
  • Unequalled physical biomass contract expertise
  • Huge network of biomass buyers and sellers worldwide

How it works?

Looking to source or place a cargo of biomass which differs in quality, delivery or other terms from the standard biomass traded on the TRADERSbiomass screen? Our order made brokerage service fits the bill.
With a vast network of contacts around the world, we can help you achieve the best price by putting you in touch with a wide range of buyers and sellers across Asia, Europe and the Americas.
SBTA General Terms and Conditions has all the benefits of a standard contract, without being a Master Agreement: By using this pre-agreed set of general terms and conditions, you can quickly and easily reflect the commercial terms of a transaction, such as biomass specifications, penalties/premiums on other elements, an agreed inspection company, or the choice of arbitration in Singapore.
We refer to the fee level which is set for the online trading, but the complexity of a transaction of bespoke trading will be considered to determine final fee table.
Firstly, contact our brokers to discuss your requirements.
If we can help, we will ask you to:
1. Complete a Client Information Form and detailed buy or sell needs along with completion of product profile information.
2. Sign a Brokerage Agreement
You can then consult with our Market Maker to know about price updates and begin to share bids or offers for physical biomass to our powerful network of contacts.
For any transaction we, as a broker, results in, a bilateral contractual relationship between you and your counterparty, in which TRADERSbiomass has no liability. Non-performance must be handled according to the terms of your contract with your counterparty.
We recommend using TRADERSbiomass ‘s SBTA (Standard Biomass Trading Agreement) as a contract template because of its tried and tested provisions for non-performance.


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