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1. Dartmouth College Abandons Biomass Conversion Plans.

Dartmouth College has stepped away from plans to replace its central heating plant with a new biomass plant. During the COVID-19 pandemic, work on the Dartmouth Green Energy Project continued to improve energy resiliency, sustainability, and efficiency on campus by replacing the institution’s 100-year old central steam-heat system with new energy generation and distribution systems has broadened to include the investigation of several energy systems.…Read More

Dec 15 2020

2. UK White Paper Says BECCS, RNG Will Help Meet Net Zero Goal.

The U.K. government on Dec. 14 published a white paper that describes how the country will clean up its energy system and reach net zero emissions by 2050. Bioenergy carbon capture and storage (BECCS) and renewable natural gas (RNG) will play an integral role in reaching that goal.…Read More

Erin Voegele | Dec 14 2020

3. Power Plant On Reunion Island To Be Converted To Biomass.

A 108-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant located on an island in the Indian Ocean located approximately 500 miles east of Madagascar will soon be converted to biomass, according to France-based power producer Albioma.…Read More

Erin Voegele | Dec 10 2020

4. Chiyoda, Toshiba ESS complete large-scale BECCS plant in Japan.

Chiyoda Corporation has completed the EPC operations contracted with Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions (Toshiba ESS) for a large-scale carbon capture facility at a biomass plant in Japan.…Read More

Nov 04 2020

5. Japan’s Hibikinada biomass plant plans January restart.

Japan’s 112MW Hibikinada biomass power plant in the southern Fukuoka prefecture plans to resume partial operations on 4 January following an unplanned closure since October.…Read More

By Nanami Oki | December 04 2020


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