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We have added many new features and upgrade the old ones on our ETS to make it more powerful, simple and intuitive. Here is the short-list of all the changes which you are going to witness in our upgraded system after you log-in to our ETS:

1. Simplified forms in the entire system:

For better and speedy process flow, we have further simplified the entire system forms while arranging it more logically then before.

2. Multi-party Negotiation option:

Earlier a user could only negotiate with one user on a deal (be it an offer or a bid), now if a bid is posted, many sellers can negotiate with the same buyer at once on the same bid. If a buyer agrees on one negotiation with one seller, other sellers will get notification of the deal closure. If the deal is closed with a lesser quality then the mentioned quantity in the bid, the new bid will be automatically formed in our ETS with remaining quantity with any further ado from buyer’s side. Same is true for the offers posted by sellers. Please note, Negotiation can be done n-number of times, till a buyer and the seller gets satisfied with every important condition of the trade.

3. More Options:

To ease the process during any trade and increase the reliability of the seller further, a buyer now can ask for a sample product, site visit or a due diligence process through our ETS directly. It not only increases the trust factor between both the parties but also gives power to them while they are trading anonymously until they reach to the conclusion part of the trade.

4. Renegotiation:

This option entrusts a huge power to negotiate again after the parties have reached to primary acceptance of the deal. Based on further understanding of your counter-party, their business or other trade-related variables, you still have an option to renegotiate on the deal many times, till you and your counter-party gets satisfied on all trading conditions.

5. Decline:

More power to you. If you encounter any glitches in the details provided by your counterparty while negotiating and you would not like to proceed ahead in the transaction, Now you can decline the deal at any step of the negotiation with providing an appropriate reason. It is a simple and really powerful option at every step of the deal.

6. Printable Non-Binding Term Sheet and the final Contract:

This is something which you must be longing for by now, a simple 1 pager Transaction Summary with a shipping schedule planner and STANDARD BIOMASS TRADING AGREEMENT (SBTA) which will save you a lot of time and legal expanse (which could have arisen if you use different contract with a different counterparty for every trade). Now you have the whole control to see all the important terms on one page so that your management can make a better decision on the deal. It is downloadable and printable for easing the process further.

7. Status Bar:

While doing the entire transaction, you will always be up to date with the underpinned status bar which will show you the progress on the deal with the comments to guide you further. It is a great add on to help you at each step.

8. Deal Alerter:

It’s the best way to receive appropriate deals details directly to your email-id, just after it is posted on our system. Be it a bid or an offer which you might be looking for, just set a deal alert and we will take care of the rest.

9. Addition of 5th biomass product – Non-Woody Pellets:

You asked for it and we did it. As you all know many sellers have large non-woody feedstock around the globe, which is rich in NCV and other components in Biomass products needed by many buyers. It’s a great option over Wood Pellets with the lesser price point if that is the concerning condition.

10. BEA Rating for sellers:

To increase the reliability of the sellers during a trade, we offer DD services, if a seller opts for it, a buyer can see its associated rating during the counterparty addition process or while checking any product profile on an offer. It is one of the most needed reliability parameters for closing a deal faster on our ETS.

11. Auto NCV Calculator:

Auto NCV calculator from kcal/kg to GJ/MT and vice-versa has been made available while adding a product, placing a deal or negotiating on any deal. As many users are dealing in multiple NCV units, we tried to make it a uniform base for all trades.

12. Upgraded system notifications and emails:

When in doubt, just follow the instructions in the latest email from us for the next step. Now the system guiding text and emails are more sophisticated and improved to boost-up your trading experience.

13. Printable biomass product profile:

To get more insights on the offered or required products on our ETS, we provide an upgraded product profile in printable format, which will ease the decision-making process further for you as a user of the platform.

14. Seamless transaction experience with better speed of processes:

We have revamped the entire ETS with many promising functionalities, which not only offers a seamless experience but also with significantly increased speed of processing every step.

15. Interactive system:

Now our ETS is capable of guiding you on every step of the process until the closing. We will support you on every step of the deal. And, if you need our help on an urgent basis, we are always available for a quick call or email.

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