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State-of-art online trading platform of biomass.

Joining Online Biomass Trading Platform & Fees

As a TRADERSbiomass Market Member, you join a steadily growing community of international biomass producers, consumers and traders.

Our trading platform is a quick, efficient and anonymous route to global biomass markets. But there are many more benefits to TRADERSbiomass Market Membership.

Joining TRADERSbiomass as a Market Member couldn’t be easier. Simply follow the 5 steps below to join the world’s largest online biomass trading community.

Five step to join TRADERSbiomass


1. Fill-in your simple application form and be approved as a potential member candidate.2. Documentation
Fill-in the membership form, sign on UA and return to TRADERSbiomass.com

3. Set up your account
Assign Trader and View-only accounts to your team members via the TRADERSbiomass Market Member portal.

4. Select and register counterparties
Select and register counter-parties that you want to trade with from registered member’s company profile and create product profile for your product.

5. Start trading
Access to platform and post your deals (Offer / Bid) or start trading.


Fees and further information

Brokerage commission rates for cargoes transacted on the TRADERSbiomass platform are as follows :
For Physical biomass (Standard and Non-standard alike)(Wood Pellets, Wood Chips, PKS, BioCoal (Torrefied Pellets), etc.) : 1% of the Transaction Value payable by Sellers. Physical biomass (Pellets, wood chips, PKS, BioCoal, etc.) 1 % of the Transaction Value payable by Sellers
Our growing community of Market Members spans the globe. It is a diverse and rich network of the world’s most eminent biomass consumers, producers and traders.


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