ISO TC 238: A Year of Robust Activity

ISO TC 238 is the International Standards Organization’s Technical Committee through which numerous countries around the world are working together to develop standards for solid biofuels. While the efforts of ISO TC 238 are ongoing, historically, they have been most robust during the annual plen ... Read more

A Resilient Year

Pellet Mill Magazine reviews U.S. EIA Monthly Densified Biomass Fuel Report data for 2020. From weathering the coronavirus pandemic, unprecedented wildfires and passage of the BTU Act, the U.S. wood pellet industry experienced an unusual year. But despite a winter that was 7.4% warmer than normal, ... Read more

Controlling Combustible Dust and Spillage

One of the primary issues at pellet mill facilities is controlling combustible dust and spillage. One of the primary issues at pellet mill facilities is controlling combustible dust and spillage. Personnel safety and regulatory compliance are also top of mind in the corporate safety culture. Incre ... Read more

Tools and Technology for Dust, Fire and Explosion Mitigation

Industry experts weigh in on one of the wood pellet industry’s most pressing matters. CV Technology’s Interceptor-HRD bottles are NFPA-compliant, high-rate discharge suppression bottles that contain pressurized nitrogen and dry chemical suppressant to suppress a deflagration as it develops. ... Read more

US Forest Service funds wood energy projects

The USDA on May 7 awarded more than $15 million to fund grant proposals to develop and expend the use of wood products, strengthen emerging wood energy markets and protect community forests. A portion of that funding will support bioenergy projects. According to USDA, the grant funding, delivered t ... Read more

Drax to kickstart development of 3 Arkansas pellet plants

Drax Group, world-leading sustainable biomass production and supply company, will begin constructing the first of three new “satellite” pellet plants in Arkansas, the company announced today. The three plants are together expected to produce around 120,000 metric tons of sustainable biomass pel ... Read more

Canada funds 8 bioenergy projects

The Canadian government in mid-April announced an C$8.4 million investment in nine community-led Indigenous clean energy projects across British Columbia. Eight of those projects focus on the use of biomass and bioenergy. All nine projects were funded through Natural Resources Canada’s Clean ... Read more

FutureMetrics: Pellets, CCS offer a future for coal power plants

FutureMetrics LLC on May 3 released a new white paper that emphasizes the carbon-negative potential of deploying carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology at pulverized coal (PC) power stations that are modified to use sustainably produced wood pellet fuel. In the white paper, William Strauss, pr ... Read more

Enviva announces 2021 responsible sourcing policy goals

Enviva, a leading global renewable energy company specializing in sustainable wood bioenergy, on April 27 published its 2021 Implementation Plans, a detailed proposal of goals and initiatives designed to continue to deliver on the company’s commitment to responsible and sustainable wood sourcing. ... Read more