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Project Development Arrangement

TRADERSbiomass’ Project Development Arrangement Service is a custom-made formation of Industry players at different levels like Pellet plant promoters/ BioCoal tech companies, EPC Vendors, Off-Takers, Feedstock Suppliers, Banks and Infra Funds. These consortium members can be minority / majority investors for each project.

To form a Consortium for specific needs of clients, TRADERSpower has its own Biomass Exchange platform (ETS) and can leverage our affiliated global financial advisory networks to find out right investors, off-takers, feedstock suppliers and EPC vendors with the support of 750+ professionals in 47 countries.

*Most of the biomass producers like to make long-term off-take contracts for 50 -70% of their production capability. However, due to the facts that banks may raise a concern about liquidity of remaining 50 – 30% of their production volumes and possible future fluctuation of feedstock procurement price, how the producer would sell the remaining quantity reliably and efficiently will be a key question. So, our online Biomass Exchange platform is the solution for our clients to trade on remaining quantity more efficiently. On top of that, we also assist in off-take arrangement and bespoke brokerage services. So that our clients could expect full liquidity of their products from our support.Consortium_n

Project Execution Capability as An Arranger

Our team is composed of experienced professionals whose expertise can help in Project Development seamlessly in all the needed value-chain of the biomass industry.

Hence, as a Market Maker and Arranger for clients’ biomass projects, we provide following services in Asia as well as non-Asian countries subject to clients’ request and approval:

  • Originating potential project idea or projects in each local market.
  • Equity and Debt fund raising at your company level as well as each project level
  • Seeking off-takers and arranging off-take agreement as well as investment agreement.
  • Seeking appropriate EPC vendor and arranging EPC agreement
  • Seeking local feedstock suppliers and arranging feedstock supply agreement
  • Providing online biomass trading platform for your spot trading needs


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