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Standard Biomass Trading Agreement ( SBTA ) and Biomass Exchange Rules

TRADERSbiomass’ SBTA and Biomass Exchange Rules has been developed to facilitate trading of biomass between our registered users all over the globe.

They provides common base of agreements for biomass trading on the TRADERSbiomass’ online trading platform as well as offline bilateral and brokered transactions, by setting out accepted set of standard terms and conditions for international biomass trading. By using this standard form of agreements, our registered buyers and sellers can focus more on negations on important commercial terms and conditions with their counter-party.

They are not fixed documents, but evolving with industry demands and market environment, so that they always remain updated, relevant and effective.


Access to SBTA is free, however to download the contract and use in bilateral biomass sale and purchase transactions, you would need to apply for our membership. Once you would be approved as an eligible member candidate, you will have access to our contracts in full, given that you are deemed qualified to become our Market Members.

Biomass Exchange Rules

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