Michael Wild

Executive Vice President

Michael Wild, economist and engineer by education, is active in renewable energies for practically his entire 30 years professional career. He has pioneered Biomass fired district heating systems in Austria and conversion of coal fired systems to biomass in the former socialist countries in Eastern Europe.

The first internet based biomass trading platform (ABEX) was started by him in 1999. Until 2010 he led the international biomass trading company EBES creating numerous intercontinental supply chains for many types of biomass from Asia and North America towards Europe and within Asia to Japan.

Beside other biomasses he initiated the acceptance of Palm Kernel Shell as energy carrier and implemented the first supply chains from Indonesia to Europe in 2003 and later to Japan. From 2007 he took a leading position in torrefaction technology development forming also a consortium with Andritz AG. In 2012 he helped setting up the International Biomass Torrefaction Council IBTC within AEBIOM whose members elected him president. He is active in project development and implementation and working with producers and international trading houses in trading of Pellets and torrefied Biomasses.