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Tech Due Diligence & Rating Service

As a collaborative effort of TRADERSbiomass and BEA Institut für Bioenergie GmbH, We are offering performance Indications certification and technical evaluation services to producers of biomass (mostly pellet mills) via our platform.

Why do I need a BEA Tech DD certification (a few advantages) :


1. Increased trade comfort : Generally sellers face some initial difficulty in making buyers feel comfortable and credible about them and their products, as buyer do not know them yet completely (neither by name or by documental proofs), taking this certification will make a even ground for both the parties to trade.

2. Less time consuming and in-expensive : Normally, the process of ensuring supplier’s reliability and credibility at early stage is very time-consuming and expensive job, which also involves a lot of traveling cost and resource planing. This is not at all efficient for sellers and buyers individually. Hence getting this work done by a internationally known third party (BEA) is always a better choice for the whole trade cycle and the parties involved

3. Increased Global Visibility : For registered users, it is always advantages to get certified rating from BEA, as after certification, We will be publishing your credentials on our website & system, your rating will be visible to all users in your profile, product profile and your posted deal at all times. It will not only give you the edge over other sellers but it will also give you trusted premium access to all buyers on our platform.

4. Better rating performance, attract more buyers : Majorly all buyer face some or the other difficulties to make initial relationships with suppliers of biomass across the globe. To make this easier, we have made a future ready biomass exchange. However only on registering with us and posting a deal on our platform, won’t make significant difference to buyer’s perspective towards a supplier. To break this stigma, BEA as a reliable third (neutral) party, will do an independent assessment of suppliers and submit the results on our platform. These results will be published widely with the respective supplier details. There are high chances buyers will take this opportunity to contact you for their future supply requirements based on your rating performances. Hence concluding a deal will becomes a-lot more easier.

That means, if you have a BEA rating, you are a trusted supplier on our platform…

The Only Thing More Expensive Than Education is Ignorance
– Benjamin Franklin

In our business context, Getting a random deal done somehow is more expensive than not getting the BEA rating done in-time and hence not getting any leads on reliable deals.

How performance evaluation ratings will be done :


A. Basic performance indication : It is based on a standardised simple questionnaire (B-level or Silver rating)
Duration: 1 week after submitting questionnaire (i.e. after revision of questionnaire if necessary)  

B. Extended performance indication : It is based on documents requested by BEA (A-level or Gold rating)
Duration: 4 weeks after submitting questionnaire (i.e. after revision of questionnaire if necessary)

C. Technical evaluation : It is based on documents supplied by customer and on site visit.
Duration: Minimum 2 month.

– For more details, refer below FAQ section.


What is the worth of getting certified ratings :

1. As performance evaluation of your plant will be done on 6 major parameters, it will exhaust all possibilities of getting lesser price of your final product.
2. The findings of the evaluation in-turn will help your firm to get the production practices right for making your plant and your biomass product future ready.
3. This certified rating will help you get more visibility on international platform to more international buyers, hence you will be more trusted during any future trade with buyers.
4. Our rating practices are well set by from long time and are tried, tested and trusted amongst all major pellet producers for our testing equipment and our services.
5. This Tech DD rating will be an another jewel in your crown to attract more feasible deals.


To know more, send us an email right now ->

Download BEA Pellet Plant Evaluation Sheet from here ->


Performance evaluation will be done on following parameters :
  1. 1. Product  (10 Credit Points) - Type and component analysis (Physical and Chemical parameters)
  2. 2. Raw Material (30 Credit Points) - Origin, source, species, procurement distance, procurement cost, planation and forest area, sustainable certifications, protected forest cover.
  3. 3. Infrastructure (20 Credit Points) - Access to the plant (road, train, ship), Site location and safety, storage of raw material, storage of final product, Electricity connection, water supply.
  4. 4. Machinery & Equipment (30 Credit Points) - Plant capacity, weigh bridge, debarking system, raw material preparation system, drier, dry material storage, conditioner, presses, pellet storage, bagging station.
  5. 5. Legal Issues (5 Credit Points) - Distance from residential place, measures against emissions, legal regulations.
  6. 6. Operating cost (5 Credit Points)
Certification (rating or evaluation results) will be made valid for 1-2 years since the awarding date to any kind of significant technical changes at the plant. And the said change will automatically cease the validity of the certificate unless applied for renewal on the basis of new tech status of the plant.
Also, the certificate validity is bound to change as per the defined revision from time to time of our certification requirements. This will be exclusively pre-informed to the users of this service in case of any changes.
Payment can be done via direct bank transfers (wire) or through the online payment gateway. For payment details, please connect with us on email : cb@tradersbiomass.com
  • First, you need to download the provided excel, review it & make the respective rating evaluation payments.
  • From the day of payments, you have 45 calendar days to fill the excel in totality (all tabs) and mail it us on email : cb@tradersbiomass.com, with Subject line as : "BEA Tech. DD - [Your Company Name]".
  • Important note : If the details asked in Excel will not be provided in the given time line, the payments will become non-refundable.
  • Within the basic performance indication the expected capacity of a given pellet plant is evaluated using a sophisticated calculation tool. This tool is based on a database of performance influencing facts of real plants. It estimates the effect of combinations of various influences based on and derived from the experience of pellet plant auditors, pellet plant machinery producers and pellet production plants. It considers only infrastructure, technical and economic facts not human influence especially the qualification and motivation of the staff.
    The evaluation within the basic performance indication is based exclusively on data provided by the client within a fixed form. In the extended performance indication it is extended by personal investigations of experienced experts. The specific environment of a plant is questioned, human influence are considered. The real technical setup of plants are evaluated on more detailed documents such as process flow sheets, performance sheets, technical description of components, acceptance protocols, permission documents, images of the site, quality test protocols of product, infrastructure, etc.
    Technical Evaluation is a kind of engineering service (owners engineer) that is offered separately and will only benefit the companies who are done with Extended performance indication. It will be strongly limited and exclusive consultancy service to them for trying to improve their production significantly. This element is a standardized and slightly modified technical due diligence of a pellet production site. It includes technical and economic evaluation of existing plants (or planned projects). It includes the validation of the general project scope and the business model. It includes a site visit by experts with an on-site verification and evaluation of all technical equipment. It includes the evaluation of the cost and performance structure of a plant and provides a guideline for capacity enhancement also including an estimate of investment requirements for additional performance improvement of the plant.
    Mr. Martin Englisch, CEO of BEA Institut für Bioenergie GmbH, has 23+ year of experience in Biomass Industry, Company has audited 80+ pellet plants worldwide according to ENplas and DINplus. Company has supplied lab equipments to 200+ plants worldwide for their all kinds of testing needs.

    More about us :

    BEA Institut für Bioenergie is a Viennese company, founded in 2009 named BEA Bioenergy Anlagenplanung GmbH. The activity fields are sale and development of laboratory equipment for the bioenergy industry, as well as the planning of turn-key wood pellet production plants.

    Benchmarks :

    In the first half of 2013, we expanded our activity field by chemical and physical laboratory tests for the quality assurance and product development of solid biofuels, consulting and planning services, as well as trainings / workshops focused on specific target groups. In December 2013 we changed our company name to BEA Institut für Bioenergie GmbH and moved to our new location in 1150 Vienna, where we have our offices and laboratories. BEA Institut für Bioenergie is an according EN ISO/IEC 17020 accredited inspection body. Hence we are the most renowned, trusted and experienced Tech DD provider in the Biomass industry in entire world.
  • We help in following domains :
  • 1. Formation of testing bodies and/or Lab setup - Also provide expert opinions and trainings.
  • 2. Formation of Inspection bodies for pellet producers and traders.
  • 3. Consultation in Plant engineering, Plant Optimisation and Industrial developments.
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